High level of security - Symantec

We are official Symantec partner (now Broadcom). Symantec provides security products and solutions against advanced threats, malware and other cyber attacks. We cover Symantec complete portfolio, for example in these areas:



Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Ensure complete protection of sensitive data with the most comprehensive detection technologies and consistent policies.

Control Compliance Suite

Automated compliance assessment of more than 100 regulations, mandates and best practices including GDPR, HIPAA, NIST, PCI and SWIFT.

Vulnerability assessment

We evaluate the vulnerability of your most sensitive servers, web applications, operating systems, and databases.

DeepSight Threat Management System

Provides information and alerts about security threats, spyware and adware.

Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

Security and management for cloud environments with Blue Coat technology.

Symantec (now Broadcom) provides a variety of other security products, such as endpoint management solutions (ITSM - Altiris), two-factor auntentification (VIP) and many more. Contact us for a specific offer.

Integrated cyber defense

Separated multi-vendor security products strategy is usually expensive, too complex and even worse it is ineffective.

Open platform that seamlessly combines Symantec (Broadcom) security solutions into a single framework across device, cloud and data center infrastructures is the right way.