Endpoint protection - SentinelOne

We are official partenr of SentinelOne. SentinelOne is a world leader in endpoint protection according to Gartner, and its products fit perfectly into our portfolio of security products. Maximum success in cyber threat detection, high degree of automation along with minimal management requirements are the key features of SentinelOne solution. It is not decisive whether these are physical or virtual devices, whether they are located in a local network, in a local or hybrid data center or in the cloud. SentinelOne offers solutions for comprehensive protection of all environments and devices. For these reasons, the SentinelOne platform was included in TAKTIK's cyber security product offering.

Singularity IDENTITY

Singularity Identity is a real-time identity theft detection and response (ITDR) solution that protects Active Directory (AD) domain controllers, Azure AD, and domain-joined endpoints. Basic features:

  • Protection against identity theft attacks, where attackers can attack your network from any device with any operating system, including IoT and OT devices
  • Deterring attackers from sensitive objects in AD
  • Hiding sensitive data about identities from attackers and at the same time making it significantly more difficult for them to spread further into the network
  • Integration with Singularity Hologram for a comprehensive defense strategy

Singularity HOLOGRAM

Singularity Hologram is a solution that uses realistic decoys to lure and detect attackers in a network. Attackers are purposefully lured into these traps, thereby detecting them before they can do serious damage. Basic features:

  • Detect hidden attackers using realistic decoys with a high level of interaction
  • Obtaining and Using Data and Forensics from Trusted Third Parties (TTPs)
  • Improved protection thanks to a detailed overview of how past attacks worked and the creation of automatic processes for analyzing them and dealing with the consequences
  • Reducing the overall time needed to detect, analyze and stop attacks
  • Integration with Singularity Identity for a comprehensive defense strategy

Singularity RANGER

Singularity Ranger is a solution for protecting Active Directory and Azure AD. It helps to find and remove both configuration errors and vulnerabilities, as well as active attacks on AD and Azure AD. Basic features:

  • Proactive solution to risks threatening user identities in both Active Directory and Azure AD
  • Ability to better understand where the AD service is vulnerable
  • Obtaining the information needed to correct problems and reduce the number of places where AD can be attacked
  • Reporting suspicious changes to the AD system and the provision of unreasonable privilege levels