Security - Palo Alto Networks

We are official Palo Alto Networks partner. Palo Alto Networks enables you to prevent successful cyberattacks with an automated approach that delivers consistent security across cloud, network and infrastructure.

Palo Alto Networks is the very definition of the Next-Generation Firewall. It has been the largest security leader in the world for 9 years and is the world's best-selling security solution ever. In addition to the hardware model, you can choose from several types of subscriptions that can be purchased for the firewall.

It is possible to agree on a PoC (proof-of-concept) solution where we are able to deploy a firewall for you for a short period of time and perform anonymous traffic inspection. This allows you to maximize network insight on the L7 layer, application control and, of course, the so-called Security LifeCycle Report, which generates a comprehensive report unique to your organization. Discover applications and threats that reveal your organization's vulnerabilities.

The portfolio covers NGFW (Next Generation Firewall), endpoint protection, cloud, container security or security orchestration, automation and response solutions.



Network security

Minimize attack risk by using best practices and application policies, users and content.

Advanced Endpoint Protection (TRAPS)

Blocks exploits, ransomware, malware and fileless attacks. Minimizes infected endpoints and servers.

Cloud security

Speed up cloud comprehension through deep integration with native cloud server and automation tools.

Cloud-Delivered Security Services

It ensures automatic identification and prevention across the cloud.

Application Framework

Quickly gathers security innovations using the ecosystem of partner applications that firmly integrate into the platform.

Effective protection against attacks

Application Framework enables you to reliably automate the identification and prevention of cloud, network and endpoint threats - through an approach based on data and accurate analysis. It blocks exploits, ransomware, malware and fileless attacks, minimizing the infected endpoints and servers.