Hyperconverged infrastructure - Nutanix

We are official Nutanix partner. Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure brings simplicity, scalability and security while significantly reduces the total costs (TCO). In the case of a converged system, the appliaction or service is the top priority, not the data center itself - SAN, network infrastructure or servers.

Resistance to change, which is quite understandable, tends to be the biggest obstacle, or rather a brake on the deployment of hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) for our customers. The traditional three-tier server-SAN-array architecture has been around with us for decades and has proven its reliability, performance and has also shown its shortcomings. But HCI is no magic, there are clear principles of operation, huge benefits and last but not least, optimal total cost of acquisition and maintenance (TCO). Nutanix is platform which gives you free hands and does not tie you in terms of hardware vendor or type of virtualization. In addition to the choice of classic hypervisors (WMware, HyperV) and offers its own hypervisor Akropolis (AHV) which is already included in the license.

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Full Cloud stack

Complete IT infrastructure integrating all compute, storage and virtualization resources to run nearly any application

Just one click

Consumer-grade management streamlines IT lifecycle management and eliminates the need for specialized IT teams

Deploy applications in minutes

Deliver infrastructure in record time. No more waiting weeks or months to run business applications or new workloads.

Automatic application management

Automate common IT tasks and give application owners and developers on-demand IT services

Lower TCO

Reduce IT costs by up to 60%, with a investment payback of just 7 months*

Hybrid cloud

Combine public and private cloud operations with unified management of IT infrastructure and applications.

It's time to radically simplify cloud and data center operations

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS separates applications from basic infrastructure, so IT teams can focus on what is most important for business, while streamlining data center operations, which reduses even complex operations into a single click.