GARLAND Technology - TAP (network visibility)


We are official Garland Technology partner. Network visibility has been and is always our goal for every customer.

Garland Technology has been a world wide leader in TAP access points - Test Access Points since 2011. These are the most reliable test access points (TAP) and packet brokers. TAP is essential to ensure full visibility of networks, optimization of applications and network connections.

Sophisticated cyber attacks are increasing the demands of individual security layers. All traffic must be analyzed, browsed through content filtering, sandbox, etc. ideally in inline mode.

Garland Technology ensures full packet visibility by providing a complete network TAP platform. Mirrored traffic data in environments where classic L2 TAP or SPAN is not effective is taking a different level. You can monitor cloud and local worlds at the same time and have an immediate overview of the problems that need to be solved. Whether it's network performance issues or addressing security threats. Using powerful AI-assisted analytics and incident detection, you can use your TAPs to control real-time traffic.


Garland Technology's TAP makes full-duplex copies of network data without affecting network traffic. It provides full visibility, is purpose-built for packet visibility, while being itself 100% secure and invisible to the network.


In addition to the TAP network, Garland Technology also markets Packet Brokers.

In today's environment with significant investments in security and monitoring tools, Garland Technology recognizes the need for a cost-effective solution that enables the flexibility and speed required for the networks of the future.


Garland provides the benefits of fully functional Network Packet Brokers at a significantly lower price. The solutions are flexible, scalable for future growth with an excellent return on investment. We can find products from Garland Technology practically anywhere.



These products are in great demand in the OT / IOT world, where great emphasis is placed on the security of SCADA systems.