Deduplication storage - ExaGrid

We are official ExaGrid partner. Hyperconverged secondary storage for backup systems that enebles faster and more reliable backup and recovery.

Backups are the last instance, the last rescue if primary and disaster recovery site fail. Although ideally they are never needed, they must be relied upon and available even if everything else fails. Two factors are crucial to backup: how you back up and where you back up.

Deduplication appliance generally offers better data efficiency compared to disk arrays, but there are some limitations in terms of backup speed and especially data recovery, rather unrealistic use of techniques such as instant VM recovery, vendor binding etc. ExaGrid, thanks to the unique use of available disk capacity, eliminates these negatives, and in addition to the freedom of choise in backup SW, it also offers a fair approach regarding sizing and price guarantees.


Easy scalability

If you need to upgrade or increase your backup capacity, it's not a problem for ExaGrid.

Investment protection

Appliances of all sizes work together in GRID and optimize the load. You do not need to make an oversized solution due to planned growth.

Price guarantee and fairness

As an ExaGrid customer, you have the same or lower price guarantee if buying another box within 5 years of purchase from the previous appliance.

The fastest backup

By writing backups directly to the Landing Zone, the last backup is ready for immediate use.

Fastest recovery

Immediate VM restore in seconds or minutes vs. hours at common deduplication solutions.

ExaGrid appliance is the ideal solution

Thanks to the „Landing zone“ principle, it offers fast backups and recoveries and also it effectively saves disk capacity thanks to adaptable deduplication.

It offers much faster backup and especially recovery rate compared to inline deduplication devices. The GRID architecture ensures seamless linear scalability without the risk of expensive upgrades.