Not only data backup - Cohesity

We are official Cohesity partner. Cohesity delivers third genaration of hyperconverged software platform with patented distributed file system, specially optimized to meet the needs of secondary data.


Long-term retention and archival

Streamline workflows and automate policies to meet your business goals


Single platform for all workloads, single UI, easy to set and manage SLAs via policy

Test and development

Accelerate time to market and lower TCO by using your existing data for test/dev in cloud or in the data center

Disaster recovery and replication

When it counts, recovery quickly anywhere. Cloud-based or off-site replication is possible.


Global resource sharing, single copy of data, easy non-disruptive expansion


Google-like global search, custom queries, real-time operational metrics

Cohesity advantage

Cohesity consolidates complex legacy infrastructure onto a single platform that's optimized to manage secondary data and applications at web scale. Now you can easily protect, access and control your data in one place, across clouds, data centers or remote offices at a significant cost saving compared to traditional alternatives.

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