Attivo Networks

We are official partner of Attivo Networks, which uniquely secures the internal newtork, cloud and ROBO by creating a fake infrastructure based on real customer systems. With the use the tools and baits the solution makes all attacks directed to false environment. The customer is thus protected against targeted attacks, malware / ransomware, Zero-Day and so-called "man in the middle" attacks.

It is the state-of-the-art deceptive technology solution used by banks, insurance companies and the state organizations, medical facilities, organizations with critical mass of IoT, PLC and SCADA systems and organizations that need to protect their know-how and production processes.

The solution is in the final of the IT product of the year 2020 competition. The competition is organized by Computerworld magazine, especially product innovation is assessed, products that have significantly different properties from products competing in the given category are awarded.

How deception works

Deception works by using deceive traps and lures designed to attract an attacker into engaging and away from production assets. Decoys are projected throughout the network along with endpoint credentials, mapped shares, deception data or applications that will breadcrum the attacker back to an engagement server that will alert on the presence of an attacker.