We are the official partner of Attack IQ. AttackIQ provides customers with the most consistent, trustworthy, and secure way to test and validate security checks on a large scale. While competitors test in sandboxes, Attack IQ tests across the entire IT infrastructure, just as adversaries do in the real world. AttackIQ can turn any system in your networks and clouds into a test point for the platform.

It seamlessly integrates into any existing network in your environment, connecting to your servers, endpoints, and other platforms to capture evidence and verify that processes, people, and security platforms work as expected and deliver a return on investment.
Countless different scenarios continuously or on demand test your security systems, verify their policies and settings using the same behavior that your opponent uses. With visibility into security platforms, you can identify gaps in coverage, identify misconfigurations, and quickly correct them.

The AttackIQ platform provides different perspectives for technical operators and managers. Your security program is no longer a "black box" or controlled by pious wishes.


How the platform works ---- Register, deploy test point agents, select and run scenarios, and then get results.

- The AttackIQ platform requires minimal installation time and few implementation resources. This means you can start running tests and see the results almost immediately. Once you deploy test point agents, you will be able to set up automatic scenarios to run continuously and run targeted scenarios on demand.
- Get a real-time view of how your controls, processes, and people respond to known and emerging threats.


AttackIQ Function ---- Deploy endpoint agents

- Test point agents are sensors for the AttackIQ platform. They perform selected scenarios and enable live testing in the production infrastructure.
- Supports all major operating systems: Windows, Linux, OSX
- Flexible deployment model: cloud or on premise
- Passive, unpretentious test point agents


Run Scenarios ---- Scenarios are used to test controls, verify security status, and instrumentation your environment. AttackIQ scenarios actually mimic malware and attack vectors, so you can confirm that your systems are working as they should.

- Complete inventory of "out of the box" scenarios
- Continuous creation and creation of new scenarios based on emerging threats
- Huge support from leading security researchers
- Contributions from a global community of experts


View Results ---- AttackIQ provides fully customizable automated reporting that provides team members and executives with a comprehensive report on the status of your security program, as well as an intuitive user panel with comprehensive real-time event visualization.

- Immediately evaluate the risk of emerging attacks
- Make quick and accurate decisions about security vulnerabilities
- Continuously verify security controls
- Demonstrate the value and risk of your infrastructure to senior members of the organization


Offensive defense for the entire decision support chain ---- AttackIQ is not just a tactical solution. The platform simplifies and improves the workflow for the entire decision support system - not once, but continuously. Each operating level derives an instantaneous value from the integration of AttackIQ into existing processes. The platform creates coherence between the various units of the security team and helps shift operational thinking to an offensive defense position.operační myšlení k pozici útočné obrany.