In the field of security, we specialize mainly in new generation firewalls for network traffic security, data loss prevention and prevention (DLP), endpoint protection (EDR), multifactor authentication (MFA), as well as special requirements such as CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker), Compliance Control or Vulnerability Assessment. The use of deception technology is also very popular.

With Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW), we rely on Palo Alto Networks, the leader in this segment. In addition to choosing the right firewall model, implementation or recommendations for setting rules, we can easily provide customers with valuable information about the current state of their network and identify security "holes" in the system. You can read more about this report in our blog.

Completely unique part of our portfolio is the SimSpace platform, which is a combination of a virtual testing environment, test scenarios and always up-to-date and valuable training content. During a fire drill, all sensors, escape routes or the fact that water is actually flowing from the hydrant are tested. SimSpace offers the same for the resilience of IT environments to cyber threats. Without the risk of a negative impact on the production environment, it is possible to verify and especially train procedures in case of critical situations - for example, ransomware intrusion or targeted attack on specific systems. Testing the security benefit of planned changes before their implementation is then a very effective tool for optimizing and increasing the overall resilience of systems to attacks.

Attivo Networks represents and is a world leader in deception technology. It completely reverses the rules of the game and makes the cyber attacker a victim of his own insidious practices. For the customer, the deployment of this solution means unprecedented protection against zero day attacks, ransomware, targeted external or even internal attacks.

Necessary technology today is the field of encryption (incl. HSM, key management) and access control (for example, using two-factor authentication). We cover not only these areas with Thales, a world leader in its field.

In the area of ​​endpoints, we focus on advanced EDR technologies, which, in addition to the necessary detection, also add an automatic response to detected threats. In this area, we rely primarily on state-of-the-art autonomous Palo Alto Networks Cortex XDR or SentinelOne technologies.

We also offer our customers a service of top supervision over installed technologies for the protection of terminal stations. As part of the MDR (Managed Detection and Response) service, we provide 24/7 surveillance of their environment and a dedicated team of experts ensures an immediate and effective response to detected cyber threats. In practice, we actually detect a security incident before it becomes an incident.

The topic of security is closely intertwined with the topic of GDPR, the same is true with related technical solutions. Our services in the field of security solutions include process and project parts, as well as the implementation and configuration of the necessary HW or SW. For customers, the penetration tests we supply have very interesting outputs.