Hyperconverged infrastructure

Easier management, more resilient system, high level of automation, versatility or lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). These or just some of the attributes typical to hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) - in our case Nutanix. This phenomenon has the ability to change the conception of datacentres in next years and brings tremendous technical, process and financial benefits to customers.

Traditional three tier architecture is proven approach for DC for many years, but it is getting bearded and has some obvious negatives. With HCI, most of the negative factors can be eliminated. Instead of uncertain and generally unreal prediction of capacity and computing power requirements in three years horizon, HCI is built just for your current needs. During time, you just add nodes, that are automatically incorporated into cluster. With this, you can eliminate the risk of undersizing or oversizing like with traditional three tier architecture. Together with that, you will get elegant answer to sudden rise of resources needs.

High reduction of complexity, high level of automation and really simple administration - just some additional benefits of HCI praised by customers. With HCI sitting in racks, IT staff has more time to spend on strategic tasks and improving your business, instead of just keeping the lights green. 

Savings on rack space and power consumption, independency on selected hypervisor... the list of benefits is long, and we are happy to find, which you appraise the most.

Are you interested in real customer experience? How the solution helps our customers you can see here.