Full service

For all solutions in our portfolio we offer full service even from initial analysis. We carefully listen to our customers and together with them we choose the ideal solution to fit their needs with keeping the costs down. Every customer is unique as well as his demands. One can be focused just on the price and the other is aiming just on the compute power and capacity. Majority of projects is however much more complex, and the demands and criteria are rich. With this fact in mind, we always gather as much information as possible about the project in the start. Together with you - our customer. The goal is to find the best solution for you.

After analysis we pick the right technical solution, build its architecture and configuration for the use case. During this phase we take into account all technical, financial and other factors. Only then you can be sure, that your new solution will fulfill all performance requirements, compatibility with your current environment and especially economic criteria - TCO and ROI.

We are confident about quality of our solutions and we are happy to show you the benefits during POC (Proof Of Concept). With no risk you can test-drive offered solution directly in your environment and on your data. Service is completed by exceptional after sales support, that we are really proud of.

We also offer leasing of IT solutions in cooperation with CSI Leasing, Inc. This purchasing method helps to optimize the budget and increase the efficiency of IT usage throughout its lifecycle. In addition, if everything is done correctly, the cost of leasing will be lower than the ownership, we will solve HW recycling, including certified data destruction, and you can make changes during the lease.