We are partner of ICT in Healthcare conference

Together with SentinelOne, we are a partner of the ICT in Healthcare conference, which takes place on February 21, 2023 at the Don Giovanni Hotel, with the main theme "From eHealth and Telemedicine to DTx. or vice versa?"

The organizer is IInfo, a publisher of professional IT periodicals and technical online magazines. TAKTIK's and SentinelOne's lecture is called "From a flood of alerts to an autonomous solution" will introduce listeners to the possibility of solving the pitfalls of confusing and complex IT, IoT and OT environments by deploying an autonomous and effective solution to protect against cyber threats. The problem today is not to get enough information about vulnerabilities and attacks, but to evaluate them correctly and in time to avoid compromise and a negative impact on the security and functionality of systems. Identifying, detecting, stopping and often catching an attacker in a fully autonomous platform is a recipe for increasing the security and resilience of not only IT systems.

We cordially invite all those interested in cyber security solutions. You can find more information, the program and the link to register here: https://www.tuesday.cz/akce/ict-ve-zdravotnictvi-2023/