News from Palo Alto networks conference Ignite 2019

What we have brought to you from Barcelona, ​​where the conference Palo Alto Networks - Ignite 2019:

Prisma Access:

  • Palo Alto Networks today announced a new cloud software solution for Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) in Prisma Access. According to PAN, Prisma Access provides as a complete SASE solution - comprehensive network and security services from a globally distributed cloud platform.

Cortex XDR 2.0:

  • Open for third-party data: Cortex XDR's proprietary analytics capabilities have been extended to protocols collected from third-party firewalls, enabling detection in multi-vendor environments and integrating alerts into a single incident view.
  • Malware Prevention Driven by Artificial Intelligence: Cortex XDR focused on machine learning local analysis is adapted for continuous learning and prevention. Powered by the world's largest training suite from WildFire®, Cortex XDR delivers industry-leading malware detection and includes a unique agile framework for rapid model updates to stay ahead of attacker development techniques.
  • New Device Management Options: The new device management module, the first in a series of new endpoint protection platform modules, will provide organizations with granular management of USB access at the endpoint to prevent the loss of malicious software and data caused by idle devices.

Support Services:

  • Improved support response times: Platinum support provides the fastest response time with a dedicated team of senior engineers to solve support issues. In case of severity "1" the response time is 15 minutes.
  • Security Assurance: In the event of suspicious activity in the customer network, Security Assurance allows Palo Alto Networks security experts access with unique tools, safety recommendations, and best practices for Palo Alto Networks customers.
  • Technical Assistance: Professional Palo Alto Networks technicians can assist with pre-scheduled event support, on-site assistance, and fault analysis.

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