News from Nutanix .NEXT conference 2019

The Nutanix .NEXT conference in Copenhagen in October revealed, among other things, news (version 5.11):

Performance and scalability

  • QoS Storage - allows you to set up KPIs for both critical systems and the management of problematic virtual machines such as backup systems and data pumps.
  • Autonomous Extent Store - Data locality for metadata. This change brings a significant increase in performance for random read / write operations.
  • Increase the maximum capacity per node to 120TB.

Security and data protection

  • Nutanix Objects. Universal object storage ready to run systems like Commvault, Veritas NetBackup, Veeam, Hycu, Unitrends and any other S3 compatible system.
  • DR Runbooks. Control and management of DR / HA. The system automatically checks the availability of data, services and dependencies and greatly simplifies complicated DR scenarios.
  • Network traffic department for storage services. Volumes now allows you to use a dedicated network interface.
  • Enhanced Image Management. Centrally manage and distribute installers across Nutanix infrastructure

Next year the conference in Europe is in Paris (13-16 October 2020), will you come with us?